psych + slumdog millionaire's lovin'

Today is our first ever Psychiatric Exposure at Banag-laum Home in Talamban, a private institution for the mentally ill patients. Julien and I almost came late, hehe but we were spared because it was our first time there.

I swear I was no where near afraid, but I sure was excited. It's weird, my first look at them walking around the grounds and they look like normal eveyday people to me. But some made the cut for the 'cockoo' group.

I was paired with Eduardo, a schizophrenic who just smiles and barely says more than 2 words. Talk about not talking at all. He stares weirdly enough at people but he's a nice guy. He's just shy that's all. When i read on his chart the 'homicidal and suicidal precaution' statement.. the hair on the back of my stood. What the... but it turned he is in no way harmful to himself nor to me. I have 2 weeks to get to know this dude.


jb hanged out at my house today and grabbed his hands on some DVDs that he wanted to watch. I lend him some and i forced him to watch a Beyonce Concert coz I love to poke the fact that he hates her..lol

after watching and munching some snacks, we went to his house which is huge by the way. and i intended to just get his psych requirements when he suddenly played Slumdog Millionaire and i glued my butt on his couch. I guess I was invited to watch it so I did. He was so sweet to serve me some strawberries, nuts, more food and strawberries. Didn't I mention how sweet he was? But we were seated on separate couches so yeah..his parents arrived and he introduced me to them in a platonic way. hehe

Slumdog Millionaire by Danny Boyle

What a movie! My mind was feeling the heat of the story. and it's Bollywood for good heavens. I have no idea they could make such a moving, compelling plot, intertwined with awesome cinematography and a heart-pounding love story and family ties. This is such a grand feat for an Indian film that I'm downloading its soundtrack as I speak.


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