from the 28th-30th

i'll be turning back the clock sarting from the 28th to the 30th now coz i havent blogged about these exciting days!

Dec. 28, 2008

Finally a Sigbin outing! Everything kinda went unplanned and thats what i love about em, it's always a surprise. A series of "what the heck???" and "wow!!!".

So we went fishing at D' Pond at Lilo-an. Those Bangus are one heck of a jumpers. I got my hook ready and waited....waited....waited. Until someone else got ahead of me and caught a fish first. Milay had the first catch of the day. Some of the boys we were with kinda lost their masculinity coz milay caught the next 3 fishes again and again. She's a pro ayt. Poor little 'ol me hardly caught anything and to top it off my hook kinda got lost so i gave up at it and instead focused on keeping the others focused on their fishing. Getting them motivated is my aim. It kinda worked, we found the perfect spot and all in all we got a total of 2 1/2 kilos of bangus.
It was so much fun. Ed, JOse(his new friends, wink wink), gladys, bryll, jhunlee, yves, val, lao2, kme, milay and i finally kept our custom made fishing poles and prepared the grill.

We went to Pilapil's park to cook, swim, gather, mingle, joke, tease, get comfy with someone and most of all begin our Exchanging gifts. I got a converse cap from Jose. (ayyeeee..) . After dinner, we went for karaoke and drinking. I enjoyed snuggling up with Jhunlee. He's a ball of fun and i'm a ball of jokes. We complement each other that time. Lao2 kept showing off his myphone (his new phone), we tease him about that. ahaha

The day ended great! OH it was jer's birthday today and i so totally forgot to greet him, i tried calling him on his cell but i then decided to tell him tomorrow instead.

Dec. 29, 2008

my first ever MEDICAL MISSION and dang was i excited.
it was held at Mandaue Sports Complex and boy were there a huge bunch of people from different baranggays pouring in for their free medical, dental, optical services. even pap smear, circumcision, ecg, fbs and a lot more were offered.

emma, jacky, jer and i arrived first and we were in charge to usher the patients to their respective places. i easily got bored of what i did coz i was not getting enough action. i wanted to see sterile instruments and blood mix together. so jessie, jacky and i instead went to the Dental Services area and became the dentist's assistant. we eventually got the hang of it and the doctors were very nice. Some of the patients even thought that we were the doctors coz we were wearing white and we were calling in for the next patient to have their tooth extracted.

My doctor was a real cutie, Dr. Lloyd Dabon. HE's a quiet worker but really good looking nice. Jacky's doctor was Dr. Innocencio Limchiu. He's the talkative joker type. Easy to talk to kinda guy.

Jessie wanted to roll with emma, jacky, jer and me so we dragged him along with us. We all went out for lunch. I love the funny 'ayeeee' moments that people give to jessie and me. they're just so oblivious from the fact that we could never be more than friends. We have a platonic love. Oh i just discovered that Jacky and Vince have a PSP together! I'm just curious, if they break up who gets custody of the PSP?..hmmmm.

MOving on we got free snacks too! Today was so heart warming. I love the thought of helping other people especially if they learn to help themselves also. It's a win-win situation. The patients get free medicines too.


Dec. 30, 2008

This is the 2nd day for the MEDICAL MISSION and its last day as well. I was back at the Dental area where i awaited my doctors to begin our day's work. I began my assiting. i eventually had my break then noticed that jacky wasn't here to assist dr. limchiu so i went out and instead became his assistant instead of dr. lloyd's after my break. i eventually calmed myself .i also got the chance to anesthetize and extracted teeth from children. dr. limchiu wanted me to get some hands on experience from the whole thing and make it worth my while. thanks doc!

after the clock hit 3pm it was all over. the 2-day medical mission has come to an end. everyonce took pictures and we were in it.I'm glad a lot of volunteers, doctors, staff and security are ending their year with good deeds.


after the med-mission, we (jer,jes, me) decided to go out and celebrate. we let jacky and vince come after us. we went to SM first, jessie had to go early so we let him go (too bad). we went to club ultima instead and i was given a private tour by my friends. it was my first time there. the place is so shiny and cool. we went to the game room and did some air hockey. it was so much fun especially those times when jer keeps losing coz of me..bwahahaha! we went off to ayala , jer had to go with his HS friends, so me jacky and vince went to have dinner at Harbour City (they are such a cute pair and fun too) then went to Fully Booked. This qoute at Fully Booked struck me: "The bookstore is the only place i know where people are still thinking!". true, so true.

i finally had to say goodbye to jacky and vince coz it was already late. today is so so so so so purposeful!!
thank you!


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