hello 2009

i would LOVE LOVE LOVE to thank you friends, family and more friends for being part of my 2008. every moment both good and bad will forever be in my heart or will be forever stamped in my blogpost(ahaha..).

it's nice that i ended the year with a good note. it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

oh, i didn't let the little things pass me by such as the:

tick tock here
a badabing bada-boom out of nowhere
the smell of home cooking in the kitchen
my ube-filled spoon
my plate of spaghetti right beside me with the Beyonce: I am Sasha Fierce playing the backgroud in my sister's room
my sister bugging me to smile for the camera
my kuya drunkily making fun of me while i pose for the camera
my bro YM-ing away at my room
my father getting a little snooze before we start our new year celebration
and the sudden burst of firecrackers being lit by my kuya
my niece counting her gifts under the christmas tree

oh yeah we're stoked for the new year!!!

but before all that hooplah i would love to recall all the good times of 2008:
(in random order both good and bad)
1. the mcr concert that i didn't get to see
2. my Jiggy (the lappy)
3. our first ever community duty exposure
4. our 1-week Cagayan De Oro trip as sponsored by Nicole Dosdos which included shopping, travelling and white water rafting
5. the mail i got from ATR which contained the mcr poster and pictures (mwah!)
6. my bro gradutaing from HS
7. island hopping with the Sigbins
8. medical mission
9. the discovery of Death Note
10. American Idol Season 7
11. Gossip Girl
12. Panic! At the Disco concert which i didn't get to go (i know i know)
13. my very very very very own TBPID DVD
14. i ran for 3rd yr rep and WON it.
15. Olympics 2008 at Beijing
16. the discovery of the Twilight Saga
17. Senator Barack Obama won for USA presidency
18. birthdays
19. jereme
20. most awesome CDU christmas party ever..oh the after party was wild. LOL

there's a LOT LOT more i can type down but my noggin is pretty distracted from the firecracker popping. i cringe at the sound of it.

a happy new year y'all.


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