christmas party 08 + tipsy

Christmas Party 2008 at CICC 3-8pm.

All the saturday SBO meetings i've attended has summed it all up to this day: the Christmas Party.

Let me start off that the place is breathtaking!!! I didn't like it at first but i changed my mind, i love it. The party started off slow then picked up its pace because of the cool bands, awesome dance presentations by the CDU dance team (go padz!), Freesteps and the lot. The food was fair. The experience was great! Why? Because...

+our male CIs performed (sir caballero) and it was great. all us girl were screaming our frigging lungs out. the dance wasnt even finished and my throat was also dry. i shouted anyway. they incorporate silliness in their dance too. thumbs up to you guys!

+the Miss Valentines candidates were spectacular. their colorful winged wings were a sight. some got these huge eagle like wings, one got a phoenix like thing going on, one got fairy like wings, one got angel-y. totally, it was fun

+Kristine Molina landed the top 25!!!! i was so effingly happy. yey for her. and to think we thought that she wouldn't make it. i was so screaming so hard for her, oh and everyone else too.ahaha

+i got backstage passes coz im an SBO year rep. So i kinda got power and authority of all the hooplas backstage (kind of). i did manage to help out during the erratic ms.val preparations though.
+the dress, belt and shoes that i was wearing was courtesy of Eva. phew! oh yeah, i almost lost the dress at school. I had to come back for it just in time. I was so happy that Dyan found it for me. My neck would be hanged if i ever lost it. I'll be super careful next time Eva!

+the excitement was electric and the laughter contagious.
more photos at my multiply account.

The After Party:
I didn't want to go home that night, YET! i was having too much fun. The night was so young. so i decided to hang out with jer and his Cartoon Network family. Dang they were such a ball of fun. They shouted a lot but it was all fun. I almost cried from their super ecstaticness. We drove off to Mango and met up with Eva, Rhea, Steffi, Gale and Intong there.
Intong was the 'server'. a skilled one too! I drank Rhea's glass coz i thought it was Sprite bt it was actually gin with Sprite. I gulped it all up and rhea was in shock that it was gone that fast. I was scolded but i didn;t mind. my hands were too shaky to notice her slightly excited voice.
Eva has this worry lines showing up on her face because Paul (her crush) only waved at her that night. lolz. Steffi is just too cute. I tinkered with her cellphone a lot.
I was told that I had 6 glasses and then suddenly became tipsy. I remember that jessie (oh my god, it's jessie) was there. I can't believe his table was next to ours. He was with his boys and i was with my troop. He probably noticed that i was slurring and talking a lot that night coz of the drinks. gaaaaahhh, of all people, jessie was right there beside me!!!! padz was there too but he's a good guy so he'll never tell me off. Jer is such a concerned friend..ahaha. i loved it when he keeps asking me if i'm okay. Keep close jer.
Jer decided to drive me to my house. Poor jer, he's from lapu-lapu and me from consolacion. I'm north while he's east. He didn'd mind. He said i talked a LOT during the drive and i keep tinkering with the tissues, car controls, window and any other car parts i could get my hands on.
That was a first for me. The best night so far! I would want to hang out with them again but within the limit.

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