the 100th night + enemies close

This was the blow by blow of today's whirlwind of my life.

6:00am- morning workout
7:00- ate breakfast
8:00- surfed the net
9:00- prepped myself up
(this is where the whirl in 'whirlwind' begins)
10:00- i missed the vhire and had to wait for another. when i finally arrived at school, i was so late for the SBO meeting that our sbo president just decided to relay the meeting through texts. Only patrick, cal, ong and I came. We kinda chit chatted a lot to pass the time.
11:00- i was busy searching for famliar places among the sea of faces from the Senior College students. Dang! It hit me that today was there 100th Night Show: A contemporary Circus Experience at the CDU Gymnasium. I want to see it but the ticket cost 150Php.
12:00- i was bored out of my wits just sitting so i went to the Registrar's Office and claimed my grades for 3rd yr 1st sem. My total avergae is 1.9 which isn't that bad. At least it's not a 2 or a 3! *shudder*
1:00- i was so sleepy and so tired of waiting for dianne ferrolino from section I that I decided to go to SM and do a little Christmas shopping. But boom! every shop was crowded so I went to the department store section instead. The Toys Section was a circus. Kids are pretty demanding and sending out hissy fits for everyone in the store to hear. Some kids were really behaved. While others just tore off the plastics from the toys without even paying for it. Tsk tsk.
2:00- after searching nook and cranny for a suitable toy for Rusel. I finally decided on a Pokemon Activity Book.
2:30- i went off and bought Madz, Eva and Gigi's gifts.
3:00- i had too much fun being indie today
3:30 went back to school. I met up with dianne and was shocked to see jereme there. Well, thats one reason to smile about. Then off we went to the Garland Meeting. The other committee members were really nice. I like their spirit during half of the meeting. I didn;t finish it coz I wanted to hitch a ride with Jer today. BUT! little did I know they were going to Portofino resort tonight for another round of outing. So dianne and I cut short the meeting and off we went. BUT! Dianne suddenly told me to watch the 100th night with her. I wanted to go home so bad but since she needed a companion it;s best if I kept my enemy closer.
4:00 - The 100th Night Show was so much fun! They are really really good. What a great job from the 1st half of the performance, again we didnt get to see the next half coz dianne wanted to go to SM asap. BUT! our phones were lowbat and didnt have the chance to text jereme where to meet us.
5:00- dianne and i were troubled coz both our phones are dead, jereme is not in school and we have no means of communication with him. Good thing dianne saw a friends at SM and asked if she could borow her phone to text Jer.
6:00- Jer and Meg arrived. And finally Jer's giving me my ride home.
7:00- HOME. i heart.

hope the whirlwind passed by again.
oh an tonight's moon was a paragee..


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