37's eat out + happy mcr memory day

tonight was the night of 3's and 7's.

after a week of preparing and convincing my 37 friends to eat out at Pier 1 at Parkmall, it finally paid off! I didn't expect at all that they'd come but it all worked out. We ate out together. I love you guys. You have an expected comfortable aura within y'all. I can't believe it's been almost 6 months since we last came together. It hurt my feelings that 37 broke up but surely, absence does make the heart grow fonder. You guys definitely proved that point.

The food at Pier 1 was great, though the waiter was kinda irritated at us but blah what the heck, customers are always right. We were the noisiest yet the happiest. We are the funniest combo of people I'd expect that would come along together. Time definitely brought us together and our night together added that to our momentous gallery of goofiness.

with the gang- apa-ap
burp! the food was good.

eat out at Pier 1 Parkmall
yey to Pier 1 and 37!

with the gang- apa-ap
can barely jump coz we ate too much.lolz

oh! and a happy mcr memory day to atr and kat! we were brought togther by mcr and i will remember that day forever! you guys are the bestest! im glad our friendship remains solid as ever.


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