simala trip + helicopter ride

I couldn't believe all this happened in a day. A DAY!

Today was just so exciting, to the super next level. Why? It all started out like this.

Jill, Hershey, Dyan, Chad, BEng, Jlou, Jereme, Gale, Intong and I went to Simala today to pay tribute and thanks to Mama Mary. This was my first time to ever go there so I was even super excited than ever. Little did I know that visitors were not allowed to wear shorts there! huhu. Fortunately, we stopped by at Jill's house and she lent me some pants.

And off we go. We rode on this multicab driven by Hershey's uncle. I finally met Julien's boyfriend, Christian. He's exactly she always told me he would be. He's a really nice guy. They complement each other. Great job julin! ahaha

Moving on, we finally arrived at Simala. I didn't expect it to be so nice and calm-looking. It does have this aura on it. A really serene feel too. Jereme told me about its history, miracles and phenomena. I was awed by the stories and I was itching to see the Mama Mary of Simala. I was really thankful I came with them. We finally arrived at the steps. There's this rule that no one gets in on the sacred area with their footwear on. We took it off and waited for the line to shorten itself bit by bit. The statue is so beautiful. I saod my prayers. All the thank you's and please's in my heart.

There was this portion of the place that has a small museum on it. I was amazed. There were all these thank you notes too. There where wheelchairs, canes and any thank you gift they could give ranging from their school ID, uniform, drawings, etc. I had fun reading it. I was so happy to see that people overcame struggles and strive to be spiritual and thankful at the same time.

-The SUPER Helicopter Ride from the Philippine Air Force..UNEXPECTEDLY.

We were driving off to the beach when we noticed a helicopter flying mid-ground and mid-air. We wanted to take some pics beside it. That wish was granted.

We then hoped that we could ride on it.

Then the most unexpected thing happened, this army officer dude told us that the 1st 3 people can ride on it and have then flown over the pratice field. Sos ka, julien, ichan and dyan zoomed in on the chance right away. i was so giddy at seeing them ride on it and they were flown up, up, up on the air. Ahaha. I was screaming for them.

The next batch of people rode in immediately after the first batch landed. Kristian, Jer, Jill, Jlou, Beng, Chad and I were strapped in and ready for lift off! ahaha.

I was literally at the edgest seat and the doors weren't even closed! I was holding on lfor my life ike a leech would hold on to blood. I was so nervouse and my hands got so sweaty. I was chanting to myself to PLEASE DONT FALL. I was shouting my frigging lungs off. I can hardly talk anymore. I was just too excited at the pace of things going on that time. I could see the sea now, the clouds, the helicopter then went for the dive and I was so scared, I screamed again.

And when it landed, I was so relieved that i ran like crazy away from the swooshing chopper sounds. We were just so ecstatic that we took pictures on it. In it. Beside it. Outide it. Inside it. At then tip of it. At the end of it. You get the idea.

We were so thankful all of us landed safely. Too bad, Gale, Intong and Hershey didn't get the ride coz the heli's gas is almost running low. We thanked the air officers a LOT for that. They tolerated our peiercing screams for all of that. ahaha. God Bless You Sirs!

-Beach Walk

We were still so awed, excited, happy about earlier. We decided to walk and talk it all out near Sibonga beach. I couldn't believe all this happened in a day. A DAY! We took up the time taking pictures, a lot. Intong kind of got light headed so he rested for a while we were off goofing at the other side. Oh the day was just so exciting, I couldn;t believe it at all. So that was the adrenaline rush I've been looking for, and I'm so eager for more.

That's all of us, chillaxing by the beach after the adrenaline-pumping simala and chopper ride.I felt so adventurous today. Like a tamed lion ready for to get lost in her jungle.

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