12 things with the boys

i was asked what to do if i do ever meet with the MCR guys!
oh what happy day that will be.

1. go on a photo booth and take pictures like crazy

2. they should meet my friends so that i can rub it in their faces that i DO KNOW MCR..(eat my dust unbelievers!!)

3. convince frank to help me break some guitars

4. let gee take me to the next ComicCon

5. bob and i will work out

6. ray and i will go skydiving (his hair will be like his prachute..lol)

7. tell mikey to just chill with me on a couch with tons of his fave DVDs and a huge flat screen TV.
8. all five of us would grab a coffee(i dont drink but since they do, i'll just give in) and talk...a lot!

9. go to church.. all 6 of us!

10. show up on a racetrack and the 6 of us would pair up and compete in a car race, NASCAR style!

11. got to their rooms and raid it like a madman..ohh private stashes! then probably bake later on..

12. oh, shopping! not the girly-girl shopping but the big-boys-want-big-toys shopping!

oh i wanna add one more:
13. let them sign lots of things (even toilet paper!) then probably try not to sell them..lolz..


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