sembreak + new moon finish

"Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, hath had no power yet upon thy

our Semestral Break starts now!!!
oh to be free from school work, teacher and constant exams...
i plan to do Aikido,
head to some beaches,
shop ,
continue with my scrapbook,
work out,
get back to my delayed reading and my delayed tv episodes to get to...

and to another good point:
i finished reading NEW MOON..
oh what a feeling to be part of a bestseller..
oh oh oh, that quote above? it was in the book and that was a line spoken by Romeo (from Romeo and Juliet) when he was at the tomb...it still relates with Edward and Bella's really rocky relationship.
jacob black you're such a sweetie..
darn it, vampires are so intriquing and the love that bounds all of them is making me envious..huhu
i'm so loving this story...
and can you believe that in this book, Edward, the main vampire dude was gone for 308 friggin pages!!!

new moon icon Pictures, Images and Photos

an IMPORTANT information: in the acknowledgements section, stephenie meyer thanked the music of Muse, The Fray, some more bands and and and AND MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE..gosh!!! i was like wow! my mouth hanged open for a second there, just wow!
too bad, my chemical romance wasn't part of the soundtrack. Ms. Meyer (as wll as other MCRmy fans) would have wanted them to be in it.

ECLIPSE here i come!!!


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