victory party 08 + lao2's treats

-Saturday Morning, 09-06-08-
uurgghh, a really bad ass day.
i wasn't able to do my retDEM so i was forced to do nothing!!! i hate it when i'm being unproductive in the midst of all the chaos.
so frustrating and pissed off.

and friends are friends so they do their best to cheer your sulky pissed off face, and sing you a song! Rhegz is such a sweetheart and started cheering me up. She has such a sunny disposition in her that I was crying and smiling at the same time. Thanks so much for that rhegz!
Plus the movie from our CL implementation was shown and hell yeah was it fun, pictures, pictures, pictures and lots of it. i almost wanted to cry after that because i miss group37 so much! i love you guys. and so my not so great day almost turned out great after all because there was the..


College of Nursing won the Intramurals Event this year.
2nd placer: Dentistry
3rd placer: Medicine (ouch! i know, i know)

as an SBO 3rd year rep, i was task to be on the look out for the athletes and tend to their wants, and that meant food, drinks, desserts and everything else in between.
i was too concentrated about the program because rhegz, jess and thank heavens! jer came along with me. there wasn't much of a crowd but the show must go on.
foods were everywhere for everyone.
it was like the feeding of 300s! ahaha. it was humurous if you look at it that way.
ice cream, BBQ and lechon, yummy.


Mr. Caballero was there and evryone else. he is such a nice guy, has a nice bod too.
We had such a fun time together. Photos on this later

-Sunday Morning til Evening 09-07-08-
it was lao2's birthday last sept.5, 2008 and boy does this dude know how to give out treats!
he treated us with lunch at Dimsum(our Highschool Musical moments in it too!),
dinner at Majestic(we thought we wanted more but darn we were full!),
arcades and bump cars (my first time to ride one, so i sucked at it big time! boys from the sidelines were yelling out instructions to me, but i was too stubborn to listen, hehe).
So much funny highlights.
A. Like, my right heel of my shoe snapped!!! so they were there laughing their lungs out while i tried to look poise while walking, which didn;t work!
they rushed me to the nearest shoe store and i bought myself slippers instead (comfy they were too!)
B. i bought The BLACK PARADE IS DEAD! today...mwahaha. i will get to it after my duty. kewl!
C. lao2's creepy experiences with dwarves. kweepyy.
D. i saw jer2 at NorthWing today!
E.the slippers were comfy.
F. Happy Birthday song with Dalandan in it!..LOL
G. i got my ATM card today. i'm no bigspender, but oh well!
H. plans about going to Bantayan Island. yeyz!
Pictures to come!
i loved it!


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