mikey way + rock day!

aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnddd dar he blows....his birthday candle that is!


a happy rock day to y'all!
miss atr declared this day to be rock day.
so unleash all your inner rock stars and go run out wild in your homes.

oh! what a day! Ms. Beeennaaabaaayiiii is such a pain my keester. She always is, sometimes I actually pity her. Poor thing, I better just empathize with her. She probably got her brains all mushed by aliens so no wonder she's cranky all the time! Words pisses people off, including me. I can bite as hard if i let myself but I won't coz that's not what I learned in school. Two wrongs still won't make a right. So there!

DRAMA MODE: And to go home to a house that I love, to my room that I adore, to my lappy that I call by Jiggy, to my TV (oh sweet TV!), to my books that i adulate, to my family that who loves me..what can a girl ask for more?


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