atr's september letter

i opened my september letter from atr this morning..
and waah, my eyes almost welled up with tears.
it was co cute and the letter is so touching.

my bday is umm..(counts with fingers)..16 days away and i'm already jumpy..LOL
oh oh, this cute little green and yellow fella needs a name, help me out!


i'll let you know if i have concucted him a name.

ive been thinking about how to celebrate my birthday without the extra costs, hmmm.
simplicity is always the point. and gifts too, hmmm.

oh, the best for last! a bday card in the letter too!
ur the best atr!


i swear that time flies so fast..so furious. lolerz.


0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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