a real estate mom + 3 week duty over

its been weeekkksss!
i miss you guys!
kat, sarah, atr, mykkie and qist! what's been happening?

ok so the whole 3 weeks of duty is now over and boy what an exposure that has been.
i would love to tell you about it but some of them are kinda let's just say 'icky'.
and i finally got my OB case study but i have yet to make it, and i only get two weeks to finish my draft.

another thing, my mom passed her board exam on real estate!!!
she's been studying for months for that and she's in.
so i guess she's a real estate agent now, wow!
she's 50+and she's doing it...you go mom!
i gave her the biggest hug and the hug said it all. she's never been so excited.
she's now a real estate broker. a position higher than that of a real estate agent.
Godspeed to her.

whoa whoa whoa! jer2 and i gotten as close as ever maybe coz marion and rhegz weren't there the whole time at the nurse's station. he's such a smart, humurous, ambitious dude. it's so nice of him to drop us off at our homes. and the whole time we didn't have to pay for the gas.

darn gas is expensive now adays.


0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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