let the old times roll.

Now I know where the hit High School Musical got its actual roots from.
Does 'Grease' ring a bell?
Well, I was watching 2 Grease movies in a week and man were those some killer songs.
I laughed a loud most of the time coz it was a 60's movie. Ahaha…those big, poofy hair.

Let the good times roll. Old movies are great, it's kinda great laughing at it but other than that I like that the past reflects so much of what is now like how things move and change so fast.

Betamaxes to DVDs. Family computers to PSPs. Beepers to IMs. Boomboxes to mp3s. and yadi yadi yada. I feel like mush today. musy mushy mushy me.

I wanna build a time machine right now and play bomber man on my family computer, my fave!

Bomber Man



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