GG + AI + M&M's

OMG! steffi just texted me that episodes 14 and 15 of gossip girl is out! mwahahahaha...
chuck and blair unite! :))
i have this unbelievable weakness for supporting villains.

and i think im falling for David Archuleta. i sense an infatuation coming up..*shrugs sweetly*
American Idol comes and goes for me but since emma has this infectious enjoyment from watching worthy reality TV shows then i took her advice and finally sat down and watched AI..

there was this part when Ryan Seacrest was answering phone calls from AI watchers who had question for the 5 remaining contestants..well, for this instance it was for Simon. The caller asked "which was better? your kiss with Paula or your first kiss with me when you were 9 years old?"..ahaha,and guess what? Simon knew the person calling and remembered the kiss!
and oh, Natasha Beddingfield was there to perform and stole a kiss for David Archuleta. Egad!

what's the dill dally with skittles and m&ms anywho?

Mikey: Skittles! fuck yes! skittles!
Gerard:wow,uh,yeah have to agree with mikey,skittles all the
Frank: i prefer sweet stuff ever chocolate anytime
Ray:Dude,no way, m&m's are way better
Frank:but they all tastes the same! put some variety in your
life man!
Bob:gummy bears
Gerard:idiot,that wasnt one of the choices..
Bob:...oh..well,it is now :P
oh sweet Bob,
and i'd go for M&M's anytime, mainly coz i never tried

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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