too green today + manoi's homecoming

i went to school today to return the books, get my grades and catch up with cole, pao-pao, joyce and suprisingly, with glenn too! hhmmm.. where's xela, glenn? bwahahaha

green must be the new color for the day! coz yesterday was white. everywhere i look i see people in green shirts, the apple green kind of shade.
..strange... and when i got home my mom and manoi were wearing greeeeen too! not my favorite shade, but oh well...

manoi's home! and of course he's home to celebrate his wife's bday, why else? aside from him missing his super awesome siblings, he's still the corniest brother out there..
and what a miracle to actually see Rusel in the table eating togther with us, she never eats at the table. She eats at the TV and at the computer but never at the table.


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