i found my "dreams" list

i was patiently waiting for my mom to finish doing her work on the laptop
so i was basically staring in blank space 0___o
then voila i noticed at the lowest corner of our shelves that two of my diaries was there!
my 2003 and 2006 diary!
i really hoped no one read it.
i have three more diaries hiding in this house somewhere, ill find it when i find it.

has the earth lost it's gravity or something?

what the...two???!!!
im poor at hiding things...so this was even more bogus.
i grab hold of the two at that instant. i took it to my room and read back the past.
i was opening up the 2006 diary when plonk! out came a paper.
i knew what it was while i was unfolding it, it was my things-i-should-accomplish-before-i-die list.
i was thinking where this was..hhmm..

there's a lot in it and i noticed that the number stopped at 63..
i wanted to do a lot more things so i wrote after that number..
i read back some of it and i found out that i accomplished like 5 out of 63!
it's a starter, yey me!

i have to continue writing in it now...
would anyone care to suggest more things for me to include in the list?


0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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