sheldon is the master storyteller

Since duty isnt to begin yet. I've kept myself busy.

I read two Sidney Sheldon novels in two days. yey me!
Another suspense thriller i got in my hands.
The two were: Stars Shine Down and Sands Of Time.
There's 5 more books I haven't read yet. Still waiting for it to come out in our library.
All of it are bestsellers.
I haven't read any other novels than his alone.
I have yet to read Nicholas Sparks, Cecilia Ahern, Daniel Steele and Dan Brown. I'm excited to read them.

Sidney Sheldon's Stars Shine Down

The book tells the story of Lara Cameron, who made her way through success by becoming one of the top world site builders over a traditionally male domain. Coming from a broken family in Nova Scotia, she promised herself to gain more power to show to her father that he was wrong. Beautiful but insecure, ruthless yet vulnerable, Lara has struggled brutally to achieve it all and she still wants more. And in a global setting from London to New York, from Reno to Rome, she will find everything she has ever desired and won.
The thrill and fun of the realty industry, the care for the staff and the true love which finds her back and the staff staying by her side are some of the interesting twists in the plot.

Sidney Sheldon's Sand Of Time

Four nuns find themselves suddenly thrust into a hostile world they long ago abandoned for the safety of the convent. Unwittingly they become pawns in a battle between the charismatic Jaime Miro, leader of the outlawed Basque nationalists, and the ruthless Colonel Ramon Acoea of the Spanish Army. The story revolves around FOUR WOMEN -AND THE MEN THEY ARE FORBIDDEN TO LOVE.


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