driving lessons with my old man

arrgghh, i keep getting confused about the clutch and the 4-gears and i press to damn hard on the gas..XD
but i did manage to do 2 whole laps without hurting a fly..bwahaha!

we were at Sta. lucia with papa and b.boy. my bro got 10+ laps coz he got first dibs with the lessons papa gave. instead i had to wait for my turn. oh well.

finally it was my turn. papa gave me the know-hows with the 4-gears.
it took me a while to get the engine running without halting into a massive screeeccchhhh!..
i did great until some guard told us to stop coz the area was privately owned.
so the dude told us to practice instead some other time.

i cant wait for next time! weee...

that's gonna be me some day with my own car and driving like a psycho..kidding!

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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