TBP is dead out + N5200 turns 1

My N5200 is turning 1! eeekk...this finally proves how totally responsible and keen i am in selecting the perfect telecommunications technology in stores. I'm just gonna give myself a pat on the back right now. *pat* *pat*

This is my 2nd phone ever and I hate recalling the part when my 1st one only lasted for a month plus the warranty on it was only 7 days. That was so sucky. Arrgghh, all that money went down the drain. *shudders*

and it's out out out out there!

The Black Parade is Dead! is in stores everywhere else except here in Cebu.

Here's the special lmited edition:
-and death certificate with their sigs on it.


and the most fantastic piece of CD + DVD you'll ever see in your life..ha!

Can't anyone bow down to my my chemical needs?

*crawls with mercy to the music store*

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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