worried for this Saturday

im such a worrier...
our class president wasn't at school last Saturday for the HealthFair orientation and i'm left with all the responsibility. and i'm not even the vice-preseident or a class officer anymore!
so why am i worrying about it?
coz no one else wants to take action.
i hate carrying all the burden but someone has to do it...(sadly!)

my classmates are like lost little sheeps.
and im the shepherd with the long huge stick to beat the crap out of them...just kidding!

The HealthFair Event this Saturday is a big thing for us.
We're gonna circumcise little boys, wound dress the wounded and etc.
I'm pretty nervous just thinking about it.

I'm trying to be positive. What the heck am I saying? I should be positive!
Everything is possible through God.
Phew! There you have it. I'm a little bit relieved right now.


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