happy 31st birthday Gerard, my rockstar!

"gosh! he's too pale but he's definitely good looking!"

That's what I said (but not out loud!).
I thought of that coz their Helena video came out on MTV, oh the good times. He has always been my favorite among the mcr bunch. No duh! He's the 20% of MCR.

And he's turning 31 today in SouthEast Asian Time. I'm so happy for him.
It seemed like yesterday that I was going crazy (in a happy sane way) coz he turned 30 and now he's another year older.
He's had a lot of rocky turns in life *ehem* i would know *fangirl* *cough* *cough*

Have a happy non-bloody birthday to our beloved singer, songwriter, comic creator, marlboro-smoker, lindsey ann ballato's hubbie and sober vampire a.k.a. Gerard Arthur Way!!! The MCRmy is here for you always! Carry on...

So i opened up my artistic side via Adobe Photoshop and poetry making.
I ought to make a happy birthday for gee but I ended up making my first ever Gerard Way icon.

it says "what happened to my other tambourine?" LOL

And oh, i would love to share what my desktop looks like...
So from this...

it turned to this, under 24 hours! world record!LOL

image by denorii of deviantart.

And a last minute poem i made for Gee.
This is mostly taken from Bring It On.
G to the E
to the R
to the A
to the R
to the D

he's sexy
he's cute
he's popular to boot!
he's wicked
has great hair!
fan girls (and guys) love to stare!
its not much but it came from the heart..

And after hours of finally making happy birthday work of art, here it is!The best for last!

gerard way happy birthday

Oh my, i'm missing out on my favorite TV shows coz of this...but it's all worth it

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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