out of the house + laugh + potter puppet pals

nothing says freedom more than being out of the house.

i'm not into sulking at home by the hour and then again i never really had friends here at my subdivision, our house is situated on top of a hill-like place so i really don't know who my neighbors are...too bad, they would have found me an amazing gal! LOL

i went to school today and planned out for this saturday's hooplah.
everything went smoothly aside from the fact that only a handful of my classmates came, as i expected! oh well...let them be...

i had a ball with regina, she's so fun to be with. then emma, joyce and nicole came along which made it more fun-(er?!)
i laughed a lot today. which i so badly miss.

Oh yeah, i found a funny new show on Velvet Channel.
No....it's not who's smarter than a 5th grader thing or umm...tyra banks.

awsome show

it's called The Soup.
it's a show about making fun of reality TV shows. they just highlight the part of the TV shows that are funny, naseus, wacky or just plain stupid..
it's a very riveting show. plus, the host is witty, apt and clever..makes it more riveting then.

oohh...this is hands down the funniest thing that is potter-related.
may contain humour. :D

so please i encourage you to laugh, chuckle, chortle,
guffaw, giggle, snigger,
hoot, snort, cackle, titter, have hysterics,
fall about, crease up, double up, roll in the aisles, snicker, fall down laughing as much as you truly can or with a friend (i suggest the latter..)... it'll help turn that frown upside down.




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