double crossing, incompetent doctors

What the???

Some people are hyped and angered about the thought of cruelty on animals.
But what about cruelty on the people??? Not really shocking enough coz cruelty is not new.

I found out on TV patrol that doctors from Vicente Sotto Hospital while at surgery on a male client who has a bottle stuck up his anal region or should I say the 'ass' area of the body was being video recorded by someone in the Operating Room. And to top it off they were laughing not out of accomplishment coz they got the bottle removed but the hysterical teasing kind of laughter while recording the whole thing.

Oh yeah, the patient did NOT even request his operation to be video recorded.
What a bummer..
His privacy and his dignity is, now as I speak, posted on youtube.
Those good for nothing, double crossing, incompetent doctors and staff.
Urrghhh.. He is so suing them and the hospital!
I don't even intend on finding that video on youtube.
I feel sad for the guy they made fun of.



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