health fair + workout plan + jacket

Oh my word!
I'm flooding with thoughts here, so i'll lay it all out:

-health fair-

The healthfair went great! Well, for some of us at least.
3 other sections came to the area and it was all ruckuss out there.
The area was pretty small.
There was a Dentist section, pharmacy section, medical consultation, optometry, nursing section then the circumcising section where I and 9 other hungry sharks of a classmate are assigned to. I feel bad for my other 35 classmates...

Let me share with you what happened:
I slaved hard for a whole week just so the health fair will flow smoothly on our part.
But once we were there, the malditas in our class wanted to be the first ones to help out with the circumcision!
darn I was frustrated... why did they get to be first when they barely helped out for the whole week's preparation? darn them... and to top it off, 3/4ths of the whole class went home instead coz they have no idea what they should be doing - there really was too much students there.
I feel really bad for them, really. They came from their provinces very far away only just to get sent home by our teacher in charge. Oh gosh... I'm so sorry guys, i really am.

Some students were really cramming to be the next person to assist on the minor operation.
I finally got my turn! And wouldnt you know, the first boy was cool and even joked around with me but to my dismay he backed out after he got the anesthesia- what a waste of anesthesia really!
The second boy was frightened as hell. Doctor Sherie Tamayo and I convinced him a lot but he was always unsure and then we got a NO from him.
The 3rd boy, Sean, was the success. I finally finished it with Dr. Tamayo. Sean was such a sport about it. Nice boy and I got my case. weeee...

You have no idea how difficult it is to wash the whole set again. Over and Over again coz the first two ones gave up on dr.tamayo and me. People started going nuts coz they dont have their own set.
They easily crack under pressure which I almost did.
Honestly, i think i'm getting a hang on all of that.
Emma and Kathy have their cases. Nicole went home early without a case.
I really found this whole experience very valuable. I dislike the parts when I have to stand for a really long period of time...teehee
And the doctors, i mean interns, are really cute.

This is us with Mdm. Tan -one of our teacher in charge that time.
We were the only people left there. We're survivors!
yey us!


-workout plan-

Oh and I now have a 1 month workout plan.
I began this week which includes: yoga, jogging, basic exercises and a lot of arm workouts!
I want to be buff but not that buff!
I'm starting to think 'healthy'. Might as well start young!
I look up to Fergie. I saw her on Tyra once and she has pretty strict workout ethic. She loves to work out and look at her now...lol. And Madonna has those killer arms. Me like-y.

fergieMadonna Red Hot

Now it's just a matter of time...LOL. More updates for this later.

-wishlist comes true-

One of my wishlist came true yesterday!!!
Since SM had a mallwide sale.
I finally found the black and gray striped jacket with hoodie like Mikey's!!!


The down side is it's a size medium- for boys!
When my brother took a good look at it, we thought only one thing- MIKEY!
And he immediately bought it.
I know its medium boy's size but I think I might just make it work for me.
Ahaha..I have to wear that jacket!
Now if I can only find a TBP Gerard jacket my MCR fashion sense might be complete..hmmm..

PS. i found this really cool um, poem... sorta. It really moved me. I'll post it tomorrow- i've done too much for today's blog.
and Atr, sorry if i didnt tell you what the surprise was at that instant..hehe.peace!


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