an MCRmy pledge of honor

Every word Gerard sings.

Every beat Bob plays.

Every solo Ray has put his heart into.

Every note Mikey hit.

Every rhythm that has ever come out of
Frank's guitar.

Saved the lives of thousands who didn't
think they could make it. "92% of the
teen population would be dead if
Aberombie and Fitch decided that
breathing wasn't cool!

Repost this if you would be one of the
98% laughing hysterically in the

" Real MCR Fans

1)Real MCR fans know more songs than
Welcome to the Black Parade.

2)Real MCR fans know Gerard Way's
brother's name.

3)Real MCR fans shout "YES!" when one
their songs comes on.

4)Real MCR fans punch their
cousins/brothers/parents/friends for
dissing Gerard's hair.

5)Real MCR fans know the names of
everyone in the band and what they do.

6)Real MCR fans shop for hours just to
find a jacket like the band's have for
MCR concert.

7)Real MCR fans will repost this.. :)

This is dedicated to,

Everyone who was a demolition lover,

Who was NEVER okay,

Who was welcomed to the Black Parade.

This is for every, Patient, Helena and
Harmless vampire,

This is for,
Every single fan who may never get to
see them play,

Who live life on the murder scene,

Who cried watching The Ghost Of You,

Who cried watching Famous Last Words,

This is for every, Fan who worried
Bob's burn,

Who are obsessed with Rays hair,

Who mourned the loss of Mikeys glasses,

Who worry about Franks health,

And those who help Gerard stay sober,

This is to,

Everyone whos not afraid to keep on

Let's crash the Cemetery Gates!

We will have the band and eachother,
To the very end!

Join us and together the Black Parade
will crush all haters to ashes!

Join us and together we can rule the

Say Pink I Say Black,

You Say Paris Hilton I Say Amy Lee,

You Say Zac Efron I Say Gerard Way,

You Say Pop I Say Rock,

You Say I'm Weird I Say I'm Different.



i am ever so guilty for doing nos. 4, 5 and 6..LOL

Don't get me wrong nos. 1, 2 and 3 are embedded in my heart.



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