i was watching super sweet 16 with my chem on it

mcr on my super sweet 16

i know this is old news.
but for me to actually get my hands on the video and see it for myself is quite different.
my thanks to Sam on the friendster group for giving me the DL link.

i was watching super sweet 16 with my chemical romance on it
...and hell yeah i burst into tears!!!

i don't even know what the tears are for to be honest.
but i would scream at the highest level if ever i was there.
the kids were like 'oh my god! it's my chemical romance'
and oh my god im getting goosebumps as i'm typing this down right now...LOL.
The crowd was soooo hyped up than the birthday celebrant as far as i've noticed.

Good thing, my boring afternoon didn't go off in vain.


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