my 1 week CDO trip!

i would have expected a huge banner that says WELCOME HOME from my family but a huge hug is way better..

Home sweet home is what I always say after a long trip!

My 1 week trip to Cagayan De Oro with Kathy, Madz and Nicole has been uber fun!
Nicole's mom has been super kind to us and her brothers also.

I have a lot to type down.
And me typing down a lot of things requires constant hand eye coordination..
Let me start off at the place where we stayed at- Nicole's house.
Her house looks so good and very well furnished if I may say so myself.
I may as well have been at a hotel partly coz it does seem like we're in a hotel.
She toured us around her house. They have an elevator in it too! (we never got to try it..huhu)

Her mom is nothing but super good to us. Her brothers are fun to hang out with too. They have all these sports equipments, books, DVDs and games that they shared with us. Really cool!

The Highlights from the whole trip!


we landed at cagayan de oro..bye bye cebu!


white rafting is the game.. thats me in pink..not paddling at all. sshhhh


at Xavier Country Club...and NO that is not a boy, that's Madeleine aka Madz.


nicole, us and with her brothers during her 18th bday!

The Sad parts:

-we didnt do as much sight seeing as I hoped we ought to have done. So there was no Dole plantation, Ziplining, Cave ventures and the like.

-nicole and kathy are really weird some times. nicole is "sapot" one time so we dont talk to her or else she'll bad mouth you. there was this one time, after the rafting she suddenly became angry, i dont know what went into here head. so not a single soul talked the whole trip until we came to her house. while, kathy keeps being so insecure a lot of times.

fortunately, i dont have anything else to complain.

what the heck am i saying! i shoud be grateful for this trip.
it involved free food, free trip, free fun, free bonding, free laughs, free hugs and did i mention free food?ahaha...
oh yeah..that was my first plane ride ever but everything went honky dory. but the taking off part of the plane made me so quezzy. i was at the window seat so i was weather-watching the whole flight. i didnt seat beside a total stranger coz the tickets we had, had all 4 of us seated beside each other..phew! thats a relief.

what a cool trip!
oh wait...cool doesnt seem to suit it.



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