before i go

to emma:

it breaks our hearts (yes, kathy, madz, nicole and I) to know that you wont be going with us to this trip. we've always wanted a trip out right?
well here it is and yet you cant come.
itll probably be different without your presence.you tried insisting your mother but she doesnt budge. well, thats what mom's do right?

you're the only girl in your family so no wonder.
dont worry we'll take pics for you.
we'll miss you emz!

to maian:

so sorry if we didnt tell you about this trip.
it was nicole's mom who invited us plus only she already knew us since were 1st years, so only her mom has control who can go. and that goes to show you're not in it.
so sorry. it's her mom's decision.
dont get discourage though, there'll be more summer trips we can possibly go right?
and we're sorry if we didnt have the guts to talk about this to you.
we hid it in secrecy for fear that you might insist of going.

you know what im scared though?
you finding out about this from someone else.the pictures will eventually show itself and you'll be scratching you're pretty little head why you weren't even told of this.
again, sorry.

to athirah:

i have the little priest linkie! HERE!
thanks for all the tips atr.
and tell me more about ka-aba next time. im still kinda curious. :D

to kat:

im reading Death Note as of now..ahaha
im on chapter one.. and i hade no idea there was this much pages in a chapter.
how much chapter did u say death note had?
its pretty interesting.
oh and the hairy guy kinda creeped me out..waaahh

oh yeah. im still working on the rubix ..:D

to cath:

the chat about your father and his fight with cancer is tremendous. he won over it. yey!
and yeah, your future Eurotrip would be a blast.
take a picture of the louvre for me would you sil vous pleit!?

to my bro:

a happy graduation to you tomorrow!
do great on you loyalty speech tomorrow. remember, dont eat them words.
oh yeah..when you said you wanted a cellphone as a graduation gift, me and mom went "uh-oh what do we now?"
its coz mom already bought a Timex watch for your gift.
oh great! just great!...
i wonder how that will go through tomorrow.
bye bye for now
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