valentines for friends!

another sucky, yucky, icky valentines....
*mopes around*

nah!, just kidding!
that would be my dark side thinking that...
since im looking at this day as a glass half full then..
i would want to greet ya'll a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!

ahaha...when i got to school this morning,people keep telling me the story about the guy from the college of dentistry surprising her girlfriend from the college of nursing. the guy hired a winnie the pooh mascot, asked his friends to throw confettis and gave balloons and flowers to the girl while she was getting out of the elevator at the same time...phew!
im awful at telling stories..so yeah, what a sweet dude.

how was your valentines day going?
oh! ahaha...mine was..hmmm...

here it is..
my mom has this "gift" of flower arranging..
and our whole class decided to give Ms. Gaviola flowers since she's simply the best teacher out there!..we have lots of love for her thats why...
and since i didnt want to make this valentines a dull one for me..
i decided to give flowers to my friends.

yep, i was riding the jeepey with my arms and laps with 2 boquet of flowers and a paper bag full of flowers for the rest. everyone was pretty nice to me, maybe coz they wanted the flowers too..LOL
i got to school, i told emma to meet me at the gate coz i needed help with the load.
i got there and everyone was all eyes at me! or was it on the flowers???ahah, i didnt take notice that much... :D

i got to my clasroom and well, hhmm..
i have pictures but since the size is awfully too big itll take time to upload...
so in short...i gave the flowers to all 5 of them..
emma gave chocolates to all 5 of us...
and madz gave balloons to all 5 of us..
ms.gaviola got her flowers
ms.aranjuez has yet to receive the flowers, coz we gave it to their secretary.

i was going to my locker to get my stuf..
i saw a heart shaped paper that wrote:

To: Ms. Lucille

Will You Be my Valentine?

i didnt know how long that was there coz it has been a week i havent gone to my locker.
i was getting goosebumps..and so were my friends..
i just laughed it out.
someone must be pulling a joke on me.
it's simply hard to believe that's all..

it was a v-day worth remembering!

PS. by the time we were going home, jereme bumoed into a taxi. good thing it was only a minor scratch..not much to worry. but you shoulda seen jereme, he was clammy and pale to the bones. in the end he payed the taxi dude...mr v-hire guy was our angel during that ordeal! plus there was no damage to jeremes car..

i went home and now im typing all of this down..


and to my date, here's for you:



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