Valentines for friends again!

valentines for friends

still hung over, i guess?
Oh yeah about the note i got yesterday:
my friends (thats them up there!) and i went to my locker, took out a post-it and taped it to my locker.
we wrote:
"Why Not? Belated Happy Valentines!"
we did that deed at night so no one saw us...

I am making new link names!

ok so, ive been researching about the list of army ranks and...

i would just like to make changes on the link names i gave you..

In a British Army Officer Rank Insignia (from highest to lowest rank)
Field Marshal = equivalent to a General in the US = goes to athirah
General = goes to Kat
Lieutenant General = goes to Sarah
Major General = goes to Qistie
Brigadier = goes to mykkie
Colonel = goes to emma
Lieutenant Colonel = goes to Madz
Major = goes to Nicole
Captain = goes to Kathy

Source: wikipedia

Warning!!! changes may be made if.....hhmmm...
so what do you think of your new ranks?
PS. new layout equals a clean slate!

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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