time is gold

Oh precious time why art though pass us so swiftly?

it's 12:42 AM.
i havent been sleeping well.
I havent been updating for 3 days, feels kinda like eternity..teehee

Anywho here's the down low on me:
  • It's duty days again! I'm on morning shifts at CDU Hospital. This time with Ms. Janice Ignacio. She's a pain in the neck (arent they all?)... We're at the Female Medical Ward and at the Private Rooms too. I was at the ward first then i was given a new patient on the second day. My 2nd patient had (hehe, you know this is confidential stuff) has Wilm's tumor . She's young for age to even have that condition. I kinda have problems with my interpersonal skills. I have this thing of not interacting well with my clients. I shy out and not talk which I definitely should. I better get to that problem, stat!
  • Oooohhh! My first client had a doctor.....and tada of all names of this massive world, it came out to be Dr. Gerard Garcia. a GERARD!Ahahahaha...I was smiling the whole time i was reading the patient's chart. a GERARD? weee..Then crash, splat, kapow and boom! I found out HE is a SHE.
  • Some of my duty mates are such air heads. And by that, i mean they boast about the special procedures they've done while i'm left doing nothing for my patient. Makes me feel kinda useless and insignificant. Heck, i'm at the hospital, i should be doing some life saving! LOL
  • We have this movie to make called The Dancers. deadline is next wednesday and we have yet to film the parts where Madz is in it. She kinda like has the biggest part on the movie and we're disappointed with her coz she's been acting really rude and arrogant. She hasn't even studied her lines, and she's being a PreMadonna...tsk tsk, shame on her.
  • I acquired an abrasion (a really big boo-boo) on my knees last Sunday coz when we were filming a scene, I was the one holding the camera and bam! i fell like a big pumpkin pie from a 5 storey building!... My boo-boo has yet to heal itself. It's been wet the whole time and I keep changing my wound dressing a lot. Caution! FURTHER READING MAY CAUSE NAUSEA AND VOMITING. When i peel off my gauze to change for a new one for my wound, it really sticks hard and there's obvious pus and abscess on it too, yuck! My wound is so open that I'm not looking at my supeficial skin anymore. It hurts and it burns.
  • I miss TV. I miss going to the movies. Between TV and movies, i'll deifnitey go with TV.
  • Ms. Valentines was held last Saturday at Waterfront Hotel Cebu City. I didn't go. I didn't go last year and I dont intend to go this year.
  • Oh gosh, I have to download LIMEWIRE! I haven't been updating myself with music. Music is air to me. gasp! *reaches for oxygen tank*

PS. ive been mean to my friends lately, o gosh! I should know...


so beautilful people, how's it been?



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