tonight is talent niight!

man was i good in our retdem in scrubbing and gowning or what?ahaha
plus our professor was an eye-candy and another plus coz he's nice.
Mr. Caballero even praised me for a job well done saying that i was doing the best and even better if compared to a 3rd year student doing the same thing..
what good was to even plan an overnight when i was doing well in the first place eh?

okay so im being too cocky here..

moving on...
tonigh is the Talent Night for the pageant thing my bro is joining in. uurrgghh..
mama went with him..phew!
i was supposed to go. i wanted to be his coach, his supervisor and most of all his sister!
i can go but i won't.
i have this big exam tomorrow.
my bro will understand, i'll go to the actual pageant night then.
which is this friday...

i won't miss it for the world because..

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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