happy chinese new year

i think its chinese new year today..
or is it tomorrow?hhmm...
im no chinese so i wouldnt know..

>>>awful news lately..
nicole's boyfriend's (nikoli) brother (i have no idea what his name is) has dengue. and he's looking for a donor who has blood type O+.
i have blood type O but i have no idea if it's + or -.
i wanted to donate coz his platelet is really really low and is dying if that's the case.
poor guy and poor nicole.
his parents are in the US and i guess has no clue what's going on.
nicole was crying in class earlier.
all i can do for them is pray. i mean, a little prayer does go a long way.

>>>unexpected news...
lorenz came to our school!
he said he had nothing better to do in his school at Velez so he came and visited us.
jessie, baron, joann and i was there to tour him around.LOL

>>>great news...
i believe this is great since this pertains to me and my means of transportation.
Jereme can now drive!
yes he got his license and he was kind enough to offer us if we wanted a ride home. what a nice guy...
emma, julienne and i came in for the kill and accepted the offer.
he gave us a ride home indeed.
(and what is this? a crush in the making?)

>>>my anger news
am i the only one who cares about our English movie project here?
deadline is on the last week of february.
since it's a movie this equals a video camera right? but it seems im the one working my arse off finding a vid cam for the team.
there is no I in TEAM!
can't anyone get it through their thick craniums?

>>>Panic! At The Disco News!

9 in the afternoon Pictures, Images and Photos

i have their new single: 9 in the Afternoon!

the piano parts are catchy,
his voice are like waves
'it is 9 in the afternoon, her eyes are the size of the moon'


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