icey creamy day

icey creamy day today...
it has been a while since ice cream touched my lips..tsk tsk..
and thanks to athirah for today's celebration
*clap clap*

here ye
here ye

Madz, me and niki

that's madz and her cornetto

Me and double dutch
(there was no cookies and cream so that would do)

Emma and vanilla
(hey, that rhymed..LOL)

messages for you portion!

to athirah:
i found links to the paramore all we know is falling album..

link 1
link 2
link 3

take a look at the first two, but the last link kinda had all the complete singles..
did the brit spears-pieces of me song worked?
and ill pray you for you and you getting into a jc..
and frank still wore you badge..woohoo! i saw the pic..

to kat:

how do you like your new blog layout?
is it too much yellow?
i changed the skin coz the cbox cant seem to be supported in it..
oh yeah..
do you want the username and password to your new cbox?
buzz me anytime..

to qistie:

have you read the contract?
i tagged you! woohooo...
oh yeah from what i heard FTW is WTF in backwards *shrugs*
so hows med school lately?

to sarah:

i cant believe you ate a whole gallon of ice cream..
it looked so yummy..
i kinda wanted a big gallon too but i could only afford scoops of it..
and phishing sounds weird...hhmmm

to jeme:

yey! u have a license now?
this equals too a free ride from you huh?


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