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Landslide of thoughts coming your way thanks to yours truly:
  • i shot a mother today. yes, i shot her. and it felt good. LOL. no actually, what i meant to say is that i shot a mother with teanus toxoid vaccine today. so it was no biggie. it was really fun. i was hoping to do it more often. tomorrow's our last day at Capitol Health Center, i'll miss the fun in there. i kinda made new friends with the 4th years. ill miss ya guys.
  • tonight! is the night... My Chemical Romance is now rocking out at Indonesia. Have fun out there guys. To those who didn't go, dont mope around and feel sorry for yourself, rock out on your own room as well. Hey at least they got to go there right?
  • My young bro is a candidate for his highschool's Mr. and Mrs. Campus Personality. It's a pageant thing with the inclusion of the guys. Oh my bob! My bro's actually in it. Ahaha..i dreamt of this day to come and it's happening!
  • Ice cream day is coming closer! Save up for some ice cream kiddos... yummy cookies and cream..
  • Oh yeah, Madz is super artistic. Here's proof:

art magic

i dont know what this kind of art is called, its a flower by the way..:D


notice the art at the bottom of it... sweet huh?



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