i'm on a roll!

im so on a roll today!

today was our first day of duty at Capitol earlier this morning. Man, it was tiring just waiting outside doing nothing while the other batch did all the fun stuff-the immunization stuff that is.

We finally started our official duty at 2pm and began it with the usual home visit and interview.
I was partners with jereme. And he's such a ball of fun. I like that dude. We finished fast as in super speed fast. Ahaha...we even chatted up with an 80 year old lola just to kill time.

One thing that took us long was Emma and Cole. They were slowpokes but we cant blame 'em.
That's our first day!

And OH what fun we had during our English.Finally it was our turn to do the dance drama.
We got the ball rolling for them.
They had fun.
We had fun.
And we got a perfect score for it.
Thanks to all the hardwork everyone's been putting on it.

pitures on it soon!

Psssstt... I had this weird dream with Jared Leto and Clare Danes in it (you know the Romeo and Juliet girl with DeCaprio in it!). It didnt have an ending though.
No worries.
I have tonight.

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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