MCR concert day!

you know what day it is.
you have it etched on your calendar for days only to find that today is the day!
its MCR-rocking-the-Philippines Day!
it seemed just like yesterday when i got the news that they were coming. it was hard to believe at first but confirmations started flooding up.

Once in a lifetime chance to go to their concert and i'm not going.
How sad..

But i really shouldn't be.
I should be more in the lines of happy.

Just think about it!
I mean, they could have gone any other country but they really wanted to perform here!
Just the thought of them thinking of us Filipino fans.
Wow! they're thinking of us?
especially gee..ahaha
i melt again.

I wonder how everything went? I can't stop thinking of possibilities that they could do in fort bonifacio.
Oh and the 3 day stay of mcr in the phil is false!

Im doing diversional activities.
The arrival of the laptop helped so much. Im still exploring it.
You know keeping myself busy.
Not thinking much about the fellow mcrmy in the concert. damn it! im doing it again!

that's ok gee, cheer up!

and athirah, ill pray hard for you. you desrve to be in a good jc!
and qistie, there's snow there in jordan? or in malaysia? (i hope i dont get your places wrong)
and kat, i could fix your template for you, you could email me the codes and the cbox codes also.
and sarah, the drawings are epic!
and cily, thanks for all the laptop suggestions u have given me before. that was really helpful.
and ana, i miss you. lets talk ok?
and milay, i hope you could lend me your sony cybershot. we're desperate. no vid cam equals no grade for English.
and jereme, i never knew about your scoliosis until yesterday.


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