my Asus lappy!

All hail my new laptop!
You read it right!
After let me see, hmmm..20 days of asking for it.
I finally got it!
My mom and i met up in SM and we were still searching for a laptop when she finally said: Let's go buy that Asus!
I was like: weeee! thank you thank you thank you!

And i got it the day before the my chem concert which makes me feel a whole lot better. Not that this is better than a mychem concert but this makes me feel a lot less guilty for not going at all.
Oh well, enough with all the small talks.

Let me introduce:

Asus A8He

I couldn't find any review on this on cnet.com but here's one on notebookreview.com

-it offers a very respectable array of features that I believe are quite difficult to beat:
- connectivity: GB Ethernet, Wireless Ethernet, Bluetooth
- webcam (0.3MP), Express Card extension slot, 5in1 card reader, S-Video out
- 14" and 2.7kg weight including 6-cell battery (approximately 3kg including the adapter, mouse, and cables)
- 2 years global warranty
- a large HDD
- Windows Vista Business in one of 5 or 6 languages (in my case it's an XP, yes!)
- included carrying case and mouse

At least as importantly, the build quality seems solid, and the looks are not that bad, either.

CPU: Core Duo T2130, 1.83GHz / 1MB L2 cache, FSB 533MHz
GPU: Mobile Intel 943GML Express RAM: DDR2 1x1GB, 1 free slot
HDD: Seagate SATA 160GB 5400 RPM
ODD: DVD RW SuperMulti
LCD: WXGA 14.1"BATT: 6-cell 4800 mAh
WLAN: IEEE 802.11a/b/g
PORTS: 5xUSB, GB Ethernet, Modem, 1394, Express Card, 5in1 Card Reader (SD, MMC, MS, MS PRO), VGA out, line out/SPDIF, line in, Kensington lock
MISC: 0.3MP VGA webcam, included Logitech wired notebook mouse, included carrying case

Weight and size:* 2.39 kg w/o batt, 2.7 kg w/ batt, ~3kg w/batt, adapter, mouse, cables* H34.8 - 37.3 x L245 x W335 (advertised so please add to the height around 3mm for the feet)

In order not to repeat the summary, I will mainly give a list of pros and cons.

Pros:- more than decent build quality
- many features and ports for a notebook in this price range
- battery life good when compared to other ASUS notebooks of nowadays (even in absolute terms 2:40 in Vista on a 6cell is not so bad)
- tough to find another 14" in this price range
- 2 year global warranty by default

- Silver paint will wear off and show scratches, especially on the touchpad
- Short wall-side power cable (going from adapter to the wall socket)


Oh happy day!
Now i can basically do my school stuff in it. Gaming. music...uuhh, too many to mention.

by the way, MCR was on the news earlier this evening. i didn't catch it coz i was still riding the taxi from the PC store to my house. but Emma told me that Gerard was talking about their songs being suicidal..i couldn't catch much on what Emma said coz her voice kept breaking off.

Oh gerard, you make my heart burn!

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