MCR concert details...

Details about the show last night. Credits to Celiza for this.

-Pop Shuvit, a Malaysian band, opened for MCR.
-They played "MY WAY HOME IS THROUGH YOU"!!!! I never heard that song sung live!!!!!!
-Gerard teared up a little after singing 'Cancer'.
-Ray's hair is poofy again!
-Frank had "FTW" written on his guitar. :))
-Gerard first slowly stroked his mic then stroked it fast while aiming the head at his mouth. Use your imaginations.....
-Frank and Bob was seen in Market! Market! earlier that day.
-Frank threw his water to the deadish VIP audience.
-Gee kept on making self-touchy touchy after sleep (towards cancer)
- They were FULLY CLOTHED (not fitting for tropical weather..) eventually gee rolled his sleeves up haha- Frank seemed not so energetic
-IMHO, Mikey seemed to rock out more!-Bob, with long hair and a red flannel shirt--> i didnt recognize him!
- at one point during the piano solo, James Deewees was smoking then Gee pulls out deewees' cig.
-In FLW, Gee does a fantastic mid-air split (wow..didnt know he's such a cheerleader)
-before Helena, Gee explains what a bside is.."A bside is a song not put in an album not becoz its not as good ..but there just isnt enough fuckin space" (more or less),sadly only a few knew the bsides..and bullets. BOO!

Songs played by order.

All listed down by Celiza for you guys!

1. This is How I Disappear
2. Dead!
3. I'm Not Ok
4. Give 'Em Hell, Kid
5. The Sharpest Lives
6. Mama
7. My Way Home is Through You
8. Cemetery Drive
9. Welcome to the Black Parade
10. I Don't Love You
11. Headfirst for Halos
12. House of Wolves
13. Kill All Your Friends
14. You Know What They Do to Guys Like us in Prison
15. Teenagers
16. Helena
17. Sleep
19. Piano piece by James Dewees
20. Desert Song
21. Famous Last Words

"MGA PINOYS!!!" -Gerard Way
in english:"hey filipinos!"

"that wound's never gonna heal, unless you put some penicillin on it!" -gerard way

What I did on the night of the concert:
-played the TBP, Revenge and Bullets album uber-loud!
-prepared for my swimming classes tomorrow
-made a video

The Video I Made:
A product of my diversional activities to take my mind off the my chemical romance concert last Jan 25 2008 at taguig, Philippines.
the music: Angels and airwaves- Everything's Magic
and Avril Lavigne- Everything Back But You


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