my MCR friends, a tribute to you

i love the friendster MCR group the first time i joined it on the January 0f 2007! i actually joined two mcr group (see how much i love sharing about mcr?LOL)

ahaha, i just realized that it has already been a year.. a happy one year anniversary!
i loved how i made friends through those groups. and i never realized that i'd make a solid friendship with people i've never met. but it's through mcr that helped develop that connection with friends. thanks mcr!

on this post i'll make a tribute to my mcr friends! you know who you are:

--------->let me begin with athirah who hearts frank!

i've been reading athirah's posts for a while now but nothing else compares to this:

"to ching:

i heard you went away with your friends! that's great! the pics was
lovely! i do hope you had a great time! you look as if you have! anyway, have a
great new year and may we be the best of mcr buddies ever, not forgetting kat.
you were my first mcr fan friend and I'll never forget that ching. you were
there giving me tons of support when no one supported mcr here,and was the first
to lend a hand after jo on the tee shirt thing and to scream when i won it.
thanks ching, it was a great year, i hope more fabulous events come to follow. i
also am very upset that you can't go,but one day we all will =] think happy
thoughts, before you know it we could be on our way to uk for the dfest or
you'll be posted here in Singapore! best of luck in nursing ching! i'm so proud
of you! "

waaahhh athirah! ur gonna make me cry...
its really great meeting someone like you too.
i've never had a friend who's as crazy about mcr as you are.
meeting kat is such a blessing also!

my friends here kind of just laughs about my fascination for them. while the mcr group is my only place where i could really connect and not be scared of people laughing at me.
ahaha..i remember the first thing you posted on the group, it was about the FLW b-sides.. (am i right? LOL)

ooh ooh! i also remember about the harry potter book 7, the day you had the LOTMS, the t shirt design contest, the time you told me you won (i still remember that day!weeee), you finally going to the concert and meeting kat.

so cheers to athirah for dreaming her dreams, keeping the faith and being the awesome friend that you truly are!

---------> and here's to gerard-loving kat!

Kat has such a way of making the mcr group laugh our socks off! I remembered the W.A.Y. comics you used to post. (such good times..) Kat even sent to me all the other w.a.y. comics there was because i so adored them.

The Cemetery Drive Comics still remains fresh in my head until now. Frank with his fairy suit and bunny ears! that cracks me up all the time. It's coz of Kat i learned to discover about deviant art.

The time when she was about to leave for Singapore was both an end and a beginning for her. That meant saying goodbye to the philippine soil and hello to sunny singapore where you finally had the chance to experience mcr live and meeting athirah all in one day. weeee! what an event eh? about missing out on the meet and greet, it's going to be ok kat, in the future you will..ehem, we will meet them too!

Classes has started for you there huh? well, i dont know much about there but i do know one thing: meese is so not the plural of moose!

Ahaha but seriously: "If you don't go to highschool you will definately go to jail." - Gerard Way. So please do listen to the wise words of our uncle jiggy.

so cheers to Kat for making me laugh my heads to bits, giving me another reason why i should read comic strips and being the awesome friend that you truly are!

---------> to sarah

I know i'm just beginning to know a lot about you but no fret we have all the time in the world. I enjoy meeting new people.

So we're both left out on the My Chemical Romance Asian Tour. it sucks big time!
at least i get to share how i feel about it with you, sarah..waahh.

About our laptop venture, hope we'll find what we want.
And how's the Guitar Contest soming along? i imagine you've sent a ton of texts already.. well, goodluck on that also.

Cheers to Sarah for welcoming me in her mcr circle of friends and being the awesome friend that you truly are!

---------> to dyan or dy

hello dyan, ching squared is here. you giving me a new nickname is sweet to the core. You meeting click five then going on ahead to meeting mcr and basking in their soon-to-be amazing concert are strokes of blessing.

it's been a while since we last chatted , hope we'll get in touch with each other some time.
Cheers to dy for such a bubbly personality and being the awesome friend that you truly are!

---------> to the lovely meine chemiche romanze group in FS.

I love you guys!
Let's stay as strong as ever. ok?
The group has already survived it's 1 month. Hoo-rah!

My Closing Words:

That's from me to all of you and finally a big...


0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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