2nd yr, 2nd semestral Midterms

my school books. check!
multi-colored ballpens. check!
big jug of water.check!
snacks. check!
CD player and CDs. check!

I'm not going anywhere.
I'm preparing myself and everything else I need for my midterm exams for the whole week next week.
So i'm temporarily saying bye-bye to the computer and to my cellphone.
But then again, i'll probably type in a little something something if i have the time.

Leave me messages on my cbox. PUH-LEASE!

Oh yeah! Thanks to athirah for the really awesome blog address names.
i'll be changing my blog link to something else in the future.
But how do i change my blog link? i have no idea where to go. HELP!

Another thing, i told my parents about the laptop that I have been eye-ing on lately. They're gonna come with me tomorrow to check it out or maybe even try it out! woohoo!

this is probably gonna be me during my study sessions--->


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