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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Alicia’s message

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I've spent so much time lately on airplanes. I don't even know where to begin. I'm just glad to have my husband home with me now. Its like a Godsend, and I'm not even kidding. Bunny doesn't have to hate me anymore, because she can be home. She doesn't try to smother me right now, although I think sometimes she realizes things are going to be changing drastically. I mean I'm now in month 4 of this pregnancy so its becoming obvious I'm changing in many ways. The little bump is becoming more and more pronounced, and of course I'm kind of cranky from time to time. My poor pitiful husband.

I flew out to Hawaii in order to watch their last show for awhile, and it was amazing. We flew home, and I was entirely exhausted. Christmas came soon though and we had to fly on Christmas Day as usual. We spend Christmas Eve in Missouri every year and then fly back home for Way Family Christmas. This year I think all of these things have about killed me. I spent most of New Years Eve in bed trying to recouperate only to get up close to midnight so I could kiss my angelface and all our lovely babies. I really wish I could better explain how perfectly amazing our little family is around here. I love this, all of it.

I finished most of the babies room in order to provide a very happy place. I'm excited to have it mostly done so early on since we all raelize Mikey isn't exactly Mr. Handyman. I love you baby, but you have your limitations. We all do obviously. Besides I'm not leaving my bed for like the next week Dr.'s orders. I kind of hate having to rest so much right now, but I can't afford to let my kidneys kick me in the ass so we just want to take the extra precautions to make sure everything is dutifully taken care of, so my husband doesn't have a heartattack.

i got this from livejournal commnity..
it was cut short coz it was too long..


my initial reaction was
see? i was all shook up!

oh my bob! its finally happening!!!
gee's gonna be an uncle if this is even true..LOL


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