midnight photo shoot

We were zipping each other up, hogging for the mirror and fixing our hair and tada we were models for a night! All the craze only without the make up.

Here's the thing:
we slept overnight yesternight at nicole's house for us to practice for our catheterization retdem the next day.
we were all serious and stuff and practicing and practicing and practicing....
it was boring to the bone so
we ended up having a mini midnight photo shoot in her room.
tsk, tsk, tsk, cole just had to show to us her new batch of dresses her mom bought for her.
we loved her dresses so much that we started wearing them, she was cool with it and she was our midnight photographer to top it all off!

Since we watched too many America's Next Top Models, it's time we finally put ourstock knowledge to use thanks to tyra.

Can i get a drum roll?
Nah..never mind.LOL

Us x Dresses = The Product of Our Boredom
Me in black with a lacy ribbon by the waist.
Emma in denim.
Madz in green.
kathy in hot pink.
Marianne in black sleeveless dress.
Nicole Dosdos (she wore her pj's the whole time)
Make-up done by:
who said we put on make up?
Wardrobe courtesy to:
Nicole Dosdos

0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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