classes = tension

Classes once again has officially begun!
It's not that i don't like going to school. I love it and all but I just want to get a decent sleep every night and not wake up with bloodshot eyes in the morning.

I've got to limit my drama for now. I'm saving it up for later. *wink wink*

Moving on... i told my parents that i want a laptop for educational purposes.(And ehem for unlimited internet connection and gaming with no interruption. yeah baby! )
I was all being cute with my puppy dog eyes on lock, LOL.
I also said please.
They gave in and said YES!

Woohoo!!! This is my first ever laptop and i don't want it to go dead on me (oh please no!).
Now all i have to do is canvass for a decent laptop with agreeable features on it.

Anyone has any sugestions out there? PLEASE!


0 ₪ ΓΈ lll ·o.:

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