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i was going for 12 hours straight of not complaining when all of a sudden my stupid hands just had to open one of my friend's albums in Multiply and that a dead! video was showing on Myx (a music channel here in the philippines).

her photo album had a pic with the mcr rocks taguig concert ticket in hand and that i didn't actually see the dead! video yet, i just read about it in the group.

i can't help but complain complain complain.
i really didn't complain about it verbally but i was thinking about it in my head.
waahh...i feel guilty so i had to switch the pearl bracelet to the other wrist.

evil me. now i have to start from scratch.

the good news for today!
i was watching Urban Legend on AXN and jared leto was one of the star casts. he looks oh-so innocent in the movie and so cute. his eyes are mesmerizing..ahaha

and i was browsing through all the pictures i have in my computer folder when my mom actually laid eyes on this pic of them:

Gerard Way and Jared Leto Pictures, Images and Photos

she said: gwapo lageh to siya! (he looks handsome!)
i didnt ask by who she meant as 'the handsome one' but i have the feeling it's gerard. LOL

then she said: are they your friends in Friendster? one of them's your boyfriend perhaps?
i said: NO! *kind of ashamed of her for seeing the photo*
she said: oh! so they're artists?
i said: yup, musicians.
then she ends the conversation and moves away from the monitor slowly.

phew! im glad that was over, i never want to have that kind of awkward could-that-be-your potential-boyfriend conversation again...

either that happens or i'll be left for dead like onionhead here --->

PS. thanks nrl for the emoicons! i love love love it! so that's onionhead and i have yet to introduce tosky (another emoicon)!


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