a complaint free world

I was watching Oprah today (which I normally don't coz Ellen Degeneres' show airs at the same time as hers).

oprah was talking to a pastor who has a purple band on his wrist. the pastor said that the purple band signifies that you haven't been complaining or try not to complain for 21 days. coz if you found yourself complaining about anything whatsoever then you remove that band and transfer it to your other wrist and start all over again by not complaining for 21 days.

why 21 days? coz a person can beat out a bad habit on that span of time.

sounds easy? well, it isn't!

i'm starting right now. and since i dont have a purple band that has the words complaintfreeworld.org embossed in it, i can be ingenious enough to find a band that signifies the same thing.

i couldn't find a purple band but i did find a pearl bracelet (way cuter) which is close enough. LOL

so it's been 6 hours since i last complained.

This could do good to our world. Let's see if i can do this.
Try it yourself!

stop complaining


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