9 friends, 5 days, 1 Bohol Trip

It took me this long to blog then edit then blog then edit this again.

here's the down low: Dec. 26- Dec. 30 was our first barkada trip of our lives.
it feels weird not blogging down for 5 friggin days about this coz there weren't any internet connection where all you can see are hills and roads miles long.

but for those 5 really weary, really exciting days i was with 8 other friends in 1 Bohol where we blew off over a thousand pesos of our allowances.. *wallets turn to dust*

Barkada Trip is a gathering of really close friends on an adventure of a life time wherever
they may be which begins and ends with something really special.

I shared the experience with lao2, milay, jessie, jhumar, galo, ed, kme and bryll (our host).

I can't give every little detail about everything in this trip because it will take me too long to do that plus i have some notes to do after this, so here's how it all went down in chronological order:

Dec. 26, 2007, Day 1:

  • We got our ticket for Bohol at Pier 1, Lite Shipping.
  • Got on the ship at 12 noon and got to Bohol at 5:30pm.
  • Bryll met us at the pier.
  • And off we went to his house to unpack, eat and karaoke time!
  • Bryll's parents went with us to Bohol Tropics Resort and bought drinks for us onthe house. I had ice cream float while the others had mango shake, beer and buko juice.
  • Went back to Bryll's home.
  • Bryll's cousins introduced to us the Masters Game of Drinking.

bohol trip

bohol trip

bohol trip

Sidenote: I had my period that day so I was behaved the whole time. Bryll's house is great! One of his cousins, BJ, is really cute. ahaha. Ate Grace's BF is also cute and really smart.

Dec. 27, 2007, Day 2:

  • they woke up really late coz they still got a hangover from last night
  • went to the National Museum of Tagbilaran
  • went to the Tagbilaran Church
  • went back to his house to get some clothes for the swimming at Hinagdanan Cave
  • we rode a tricycle the whole time to Panglao, Hinagdanan Cave.
  • arrived at the cave
  • swims, takes photos and i wet my feet only.
  • shops for clothes and peanut kisses
  • jessie made it to Bohol and caught up with us!

bohol trip

bohol trip

bohol trip

sidenote: i had so much fun even though i didn't swim at the cave. taking pictures has always been my hobby. and when ed said that jessie was coming, i was ecstatic!

Dec. 28, 2007, Day 3:

The Official Road Trip begins!

  • Sagabayan Peak. has the view of the Chocolate Hills. Has the Butterfly Dome and the tarsier.
  • Carmen. has the clearest and closest view of the chocolate hills. we climbed up its stairs which has 215 steps. lot of cute guys in the place too.
  • We stopped by a forest thatr eally looks like the Dark forest in the Harry Potter movies. we just had to stop the van and took pictures in the middle road..ahaha
  • Luboc Cave. This has to be my favorite spot of all. The cave was seriously dark and deep. we had a tour guide and there was only no light in it. Kuya Raul, our tour guide, had the light so the ones at the back of the line would have to use their phones as lights. We found out about the 3 chambers, stalactites and stalgamites, scorpion spider, angel wings column and the Virgin Mary formation.
  • Luboc River. I've been here before. Floating Restaurant is located here. where guests can dine while they float in the river the whole time.
  • Python Sanctuary. The biggest and most obese python in the world. her name is Prony. Has to be my least favorite because our new tour guide was awful. he was a homosexual, transvestite, made awful jokes and danced. He, i mean she, is said to be the sigbin of bohol. Ha-ha!
  • We stopped by a different church in Bohol. We hear mass. Took pictures and we called it a day and went home.

bohol trip

hold it right here! this reminds of me the dinosaur-hugging Frank Iero!LOL

bohol trip

look at them hills at the back...

bohol trip

bohol trip

sidenote: we were dead tired after this.

Dec. 29, 2007, Day 4:

  • whole day at Dumaloan Beach, Panglao
  • barbecue bonanza
  • played the Master Game.
  • wine tasting
  • they swam, i slept in my hammock
  • split up in 3 teams with 3 members. Jessie, Kme and I in 1st team. Milay, Bryll and Lorenz in second team. Ed, Jhumar and Galo in 3rd team. We won the sand castle competeition with 2 votes from spectators while the rest didn't get a vote. lol
  • went back to the house
  • we slept so super late coz jessie, galo and i had so much fun altering the photos and photo zooming. we were laughing so hard that everyone else joined in. Kme wasn't with us that night coz she slept at her Uncle's house.

bohol trip

bohol trip

sidenote: i discovered that i love wine. red or wine, any would do. jessie and i slept beside each other. i woke up from my sleep coz i felt his hand laying over my hand...ahaha, kilig ever so much!

Dec. 30, 2007, Day 5

  • Going Home To Cebu

bohol trip

bohol trip

bohol trip

sidenote: milay cried coz she wasn't able to be with her family dropping off her father at the pier. we were still trying to get our tix for Cebu when her father called her to say goodbye and left by boat for Manila. Ed almost didn't make it to the ship becuase he just had to go to Plaza Marcella to buy peanut kisses for half the price than the ones sold at the pier. Geez! We had a blast at the ship. Jessie knew a way to go to the front of the ship. He lead the way and the view was breathtaking!

We finally got back to Cebu and we waited a while for Lorenz's parents to pick us up. Kme was fetched by her ex-bf so she went ahead of us.

Then they planned to hear mass. I went home first and caught up with them.

I got home. I was in a hurry so I i told them i'll talk to them after i get home from church.

I caught up to them. We heard mass. Went to say hi and our get-well-soons to Yves (he has hernia). Went to lao's house and did peteranswers.com. Jessie freaked us out so much! Lao2 was hysterical when jessie typed in a question "which one of us do you dislike?". The answer was Lorenz. Ahaha...lao2 went silent and was about to cry. He might have had a nervous breakdown if jessie hadn't told him the secret about that Virtual Tarot.

By the time I got home, I was exhuasted and weary telling them the whole thing.

What a trip that was. And what did I tell you about this being long? I told you so.

Best trip evah!


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