2008 commences!


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Awaiting 2008 was a blast here.
We were coin throwing, fireworks battle with the brothers, bubble blowing, opening the gifts and munching down the food and drinks with gusto.

Thank you Lord!

I was thinking about my new year's resolutions but I fell asleep in the process..haha!

Here's what I've thought of for now:
1. studies come first, boys come later
2. yoga practice every morning
3. reflections in the morning as well
4. stop being pre-judgmental
5. eat right or be a vegetarian (bye-bye junk foods!)
6. live my day as if it were my last (carpe diem!)
7. there is no number 7, i think! lol

"New Year is the moment to blossom forth new horizons & realize new cherished desires, to rediscover the strength & complete confidence within you, to jubilate in simple pleasures & gear up for new challenges.

Wishing you a truly satisfying 2008!"

- Text message ni Inday sa mga kaibigan nya ngayong bagong taon

You said it inday! Cheers to all!
*drinks white wine*


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