hello 2008

i'm finally home!
*kisses the floor and computer screen*
i was thinking of blogging down something else (like our Bohol trip) but i guess that could wait. there's tomorrow for that!

it's 9:10 PM at this exact minute.
this leaves me about 3 hours and 50 minutes to blog all my best and worst year list of 2007!



i want to blog down the worst parts first:
(saving the best for last!)

1. not going to the mcr concert on jan. 25, 2008.
Ok. so I asked my mama about this. Here's our conversation:
Me watching welcome to the black parade on MtV.
Me: ma, do we anyone from Manila?
Mama: no i don't. why?
Me: *points to the tv* they'll be having a concert in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig. They're called My Chemical Romance. the tickets are really cheap but i need money for transportation.. can i go please? *smiles from ear to ear*
Mama: *with a stunned sound on her voice* what? you'll go to manila just for a concert? just to see them?
Me: *looks back at the tv, i felt really down*
So that was a big NO! Mama didn't say it verbally butby the tone of her voice that was an official no from the boss!
Pitiful, i know.

2. barbecuing kathy during the parenteral medication demonstration. sorry about that kathy.
3. humilated in front of the whole class during the Bag Technique class demo.
4. knowledge of Gerard and LynZ's spontaneuos marriage.
5. Nicole not being in BSN 2J anymore.
6. Mini catfight with Chill and her budz.
7. Acpuncture, Acupressure and Massage compilation by class. This was really draining. I cried a lot too.
8. Being class president in my 2nd yr, 1st semester.
9. MCR groups in friendster being really rowdy and rude.
10. papa's high BP keeps coming back
11. me not sticking to my yoga and praying schedules
12. the christmas party sucked big time!

my best happening of the year 2007:
1. No. 1 in RLE during the Capping and Badging Ceremony.
2. going to Bohol with my barkada
3. being class president
4. my love for MCR is burning stronger
5. athirah and kat, my best mcr buddies ever!
6. brainwashing my friends to liking mychem.
7. receiving an Original My Chem CD as a Christmas gift from Maian.
8. building a new mcr group (meine chemische romanze)
9. joining my 1st MCR group in Friendster and Multiply
10. Nicole coming back to BSN 2J.
11. celebrating the IMCRD and gerard's, frank's, ray's mikey's and bob's bdays!
12. BFF reunion with ana and anndrew
13. i discovered i love wine (red or white, any will do)
14. my new hair. bangs and short hair in a span of one year.
15. making it to my 2nd year of CDU-CN.
16. finding out that MCR will come to the Philippines! what a day!
17. finally got my new phone, Nokia 5200 on May 5, 2007!
18. my blogspot still exists

it's 9:35 PM on my clock.
i think i'll end here. i can't recall some of it anymore.

as for my new year's resolutions, i'll have to think about it first.

pssstt... it's my favorite drummer boy, Bob Bryar's 28th birthday today! May he never injure his wrist again and may his solo project begin to take shape.


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